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Grandfather Mario

Grandad Mario Floriani and his only grandson.

Often a tourist to Switzerland, in 1914 meets a young Russian girl, Evgenia Leonidovna Alexeieva, in Lausanne, and shortly gets engaged..


Interventionist and a volunteer in the First World War, he is wounded on September 14, 1916 on the Carso front while leading as a Lieutenant his platoon of the 29th Infantry division attacking the Austrian trenches during the Bainsizza battle, and refuses a proposed decoration since it would have been awarded through Royal decree - unacceptable by a staunch Republican!

Marries Evgenia eventually, while convalescing from his battle wounds - too busy otherwise, professionally and politically.

Graduates in Business Administration at the University of Florence in the early 1930s with top grades but no 'cum laude' because he is not a member of the ruling Fascist party, then a statutory requirement for academic excellence .

The leaflet at bottom, promoting his candicacy at Milan's 1951 municipal and provincial elections - which I remember tossing out of our family car on Milan's streets to help him, albeit unsuccesfully - gives a summary of his professional career and his political activity as a lifelong, ardent Republican.

At the end of 1952 he is awarded the "Knighthood" of the Order of Merit of Italian Republic.

In Suna on Lake Maggiore

In Ruta, Liguria
1951 election leaflet - Refused award of Military Cross (21st August, 1918)

Appointment to "Knight of the Italian Republic" (30th December, 1952) and Cross
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