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Music is my favoured art form, preceding visual arts - I am not overly fond of literature, possibly because I was forced to study it in college.

It has prompted some thoughts on its peculiar nature, expressed in my Musings on Music.

Classical Music

I have contributed to Pierre Schwob's Classical Music Archives (C.M.A.) a number of pieces - including 4 violin concertos, 1 symphony by W.A.Mozart and 1 piano concerto by L. van Beethoven, which you can hear by visiting my Concert Hall.
An interesting statistic on the usually unexpected longevity of classical composers is shown on another page

Classical Music Archives
Recognized Contributor
From 1998 to 2010, I sang for 13 years as bass with Coro BAN, an a cappella choir specialising in polyphonic music. As often happens in amateur choirs, it was disbanded due to the desertion of a number of choristers, which depleted the choir size to 9 members, inadequate to perform 4-part polyphony.

In 2012 I joined for a year another choir, the Capella Mediolanesis, which suffered a similar fate a year later.

Cantando in coro

Dance and Jazz Music

I am particularly fond of American music from the 1930s-40s: you can hear some of my orchestrations, where I used a big band style with a few symphonic touches, by visiting my Big Band Ballroom.

Over the years I taught myself to play a number of instruments, admittedly not with a very great success:
  1. Trumpet: it was already there at home, exchanged by my father for a never used guitar, and I could not let it remain idle since I, too, had became to love the traditional jazz that he favoured.

  2. Recorder: London, 1971, since I heard they taught it to kindergarten kids while walking over to my office.

  3. Guitar: I had by then realized the limitations of melodic instruments, which are not very viable by themselves only, and this was for me then the most readily approachable harmonic instrument.

  4. Electronic keyboard: making my impossibile piano dream almost come true.

Now a MIDI sequencer like (Cakewalk) permits me to play a whole orchestra (see how on another page), so why bother with individual instruments?

Perhaps my interest was also stimulated by this large print (75x96 cm) that adorned a wall in my grand-parents' house:

"Beethoven Chez Mozart", 1863 engraving by Paul Allais from a painting by Hugues Merle (1787)

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