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International Business Machines (IBM)

Since VISTER's situation was deteriorating rapidly, at the end of 1968 I started looking for another job, also having marriage in mind.

I joined IBM Italy fortuitously in February, 1969 as a result of answering an anonymous help-wanted ad in English published on September 29th, 1968 on Corriere della Sera, Italy's major newspaper. I answered that, of the many qualifications listed, I only possessed some skills regarding technical documentation in English, given my translator's experience.

After some 8 years with Italian employers, my contacts with IBM produced a number of cultural shocks, starting with the interview with my future boss - a US woman who insisted on calling me Sandro and being addressed as Paula), which took place in IBM Italia's Milan HQ.

I had entered a totally new world, where I would remain for the following 30 years.

IBM Italia's old HQ,
via Pirelli 18, Milan.
1969-1970MilanProgram Development Center (PDC)Technical Writer (in English)
1971London (UK)Program Development Center (PDC)Technical Editor (in English)
1972MilanTranslation CenterTechnical Translation Editor (from English)
1973Rivoltella del GardaBasic Systems Engineer course (2 months)Trainee Systems Engineer
1973-1974MilanCATA Milano BSystems Engineer (IBM System/3, IBM 374x)
1975-1978MilanInternational Marketing Support CentersMarketing Editor (in English)
1978Rivoltella del GardaBasic Sales Representative course (2 weeks)Trainee Sales Representative
1979-1982Province of MilanMilan North Sales Branch OfficeSales Representative (IBM small systems)
1983MilanEducation & TrainingInstructor (APL products)
1984-1985MilanEducation & TrainingInstructor (PC & related products)
1986-1989MilanEducation & Training Specialist Instructor (OS/2)
1990Boca Raton
(Florida, USA)
International Technical Support Center (ITSC)Sole developer of the international OS/2 Internals Fundamentals education course (in English)
1990-1998MilanEducation & TrainingSenior Instructor (OS/2 & LAN Server)
(Texas, USA)
Education Support Center (ESC)Sole developer of the international LAN Server Tuning education course (in English)
Feb. 1998MilanResigned with incentives

Languages Used:

  • Programming: Assembler, RPG II, APL, Basic, Cobol, C, Visual Basic
  • Formatting: Script, Bookmaster, HTML, JavaScript
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