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Humour is a privilege of Anglo-Saxon cultures even though, to be sincere, some laudable Italian exceptions do exist - such as Achille Campanile from the 1930s and more recently Alessandro Bergonzoni, both favouring that surreal vein that I particularly like - a list of my humour books can be seen on another page, as well as one of cartoons. Also listed elsewhere is my collection of comedy movies

A. Campanile (1899-1977)

A. Bergonzoni (1958)

I started appreciating British humour as a teen-ager while reading the novels of P.G. Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome in their original version, later moving on to other authors, countries and media.

Among my all-time favourites:

The Marx Brothers,
films (1930s-1940s)
& Zeppo Marx

in particular)
  Example: the stateroom scene
from A Night at the Opera:

The Goon Show,
BBC Radio (1950s)
Peter Sellers,
Spike Milligan,
Harry Secombe

(Peter Sellers
in particular)
The Monty Python
Flying Circus,
BBC TV & films
(late 1960s)
John Cleese,
Eric Idle,
Michael Palin,
Terry Jones,
Graham Chapman,
Terry Gilliam

(John Cleese
in particular)
  Example: the Dead Parrot sketch:

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