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Humour is a privilege of Anglo-Saxon cultures even though, to be sincere, some laudable Italian exceptions do exist - such as Achille Campanile from the 1930s and more recently Alessandro Bergonzoni, both favouring that surreal vein that I particularly like - a list of my humour books can be seen on another page, as well as one of cartoons. Also listed elsewhere is my collection of comedy movies

A. Campanile (1899-1977)

A. Bergonzoni (1958)

I started appreciating British humour as a teen-ager while reading the novels of P.G. Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome in their original version, later moving on to other authors, countries and media.

Among my all-time favourites:

The Marx Brothers,
films (1930s-1940s)
& Zeppo Marx

in particular)
  Example: the stateroom scene
from A Night at the Opera:

The Goon Show,
BBC Radio (1950s)
Peter Sellers,
Spike Milligan,
Harry Secombe

(Peter Sellers
in particular)
   The BBC TV show
The Last Goon Show Of All
The Monty Python
Flying Circus,
BBC TV & films
(late 1960s)
John Cleese,
Eric Idle,
Michael Palin,
Terry Jones,
Graham Chapman,
Terry Gilliam

(John Cleese
in particular)
  Example: the Dead Parrot sketch:

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