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As Time Goes By...

I recently had to vacate my parents' home and found a mound of my photos at various ages. I think they may be interesting as a study in face changes over time.

1 month

1,5 months

2 months

3,5 months

4 months

5 months

1 y.o.

1,2 y.o.

1,5 y.o.

2 y.o.

2,5 y.o.

3 y.o.

3,5 y.o.

4 y.o.

4,5 y.o.

4,7 y.o.

5 y.o.

5,5 y.o.

6 y.o.

7 y.o.

7 y.o.

8,5 y.o.

9 y.o.

9 y.o.

9 y.o.

10 y.o.

11 y.o.

13 y.o.

15 y.o.

18 y.o.

18,4 y.o.

18,5 y.o.

18,5 y.o.

19 y.o.

19 y.o.

19,5 y.o.

21,5 y.o.

22 y.o.

23 y.o.

25 y.o.

25,5 y.o.

26 y.o.

With beard and moustaches (1970-1996)

27 y.o.

28 y.o.

28 y.o.

29 y.o.

29 y.o.

30 y.o.

30 anni

33 y.o.

33 y.o.

33 y.o.

34 y.o.

37 y.o.

40 y.o.

41 y.o.

41 y.o.

52 y.o.

With moustaches only (1996 - 2000)

53,5 y.o.

56 y.o.

57 y.o.

57 y.o.

57 y.o.

Back to the beginning (since 2000)

58 y.o.

59 y.o.

61 y.o.

61 y.o.

62 y.o.

63 y.o.

63 y.o.

63 y.o.

66 y.o.

67 y.o.

72 y.o.


I appear in other photos, taken from 1943 to 1982, in the following 9 Photo Anthologies.

11943-1957Black & White2'Lake Maggiore, Lausanne, Lignano, Camogli, Colloredo, St. Moritz, Ruta, Milan
21960-1963Black & White35"Finale Ligure, Sicily, Castellanza
31965-1967Colour2'20"Trentino, Lake Maggiore & environs, Lido delle Nazioni, Pomposa
41966-1967Colour2'23"Milan, Lake Maggiore & environs, Folgarida
51967Colour3'27"Lake Maggiore (Fondotoce, AIV Riding Club)
61968-1969Mixed1'06"Lake Maggiore (Feriolo), Casatenovo Brianza, Milan
71969-1970Colour1'30"Paestum, Ostuni, Sardinia
91981-1982Colour1'25"Marmolada Glacier, Favignana

As well as in the Slideshows in another page.



Sketch by my schoolmate Mario Poggio, depicting my anti-clerical fights with Don Lauretta,
our teacher of Religion - as well as Chaplain at Milan's San Vittore jail then.

My Triple Name

My triple-barreled name Franco Mario Alessandro is the consequence of an Italian law in force at the time of my birth, prohibiting to give a child the same name of a parent, which was exactly in my family's intentions thereby continuing the homage to my great grand uncle Aleksandr Dimitrievic Deshayes started by my grandmother Eugenia with her son/my father Alessandro.

My grandfather Mario's name was therefore prefixed, preceded by an unexplained Franco, apparently at the initiative of my other grandmother Imelde who handled my christening.

Since my father's name was also habitually shortened to Sandro, during my infancy I was often called Sandrino. I only use Franco in formal/official circumstances - to relatives and friends I am Sandro.

My Monogram

My monogram is a graphic assemblage of two Fs (for Franco and Floriani), an S (for Sandro), and an M (for Mario).
It was inspired by the logo of the company where my father worked in the early 1950s, a producer of ignition coils
and magnets for scooters called Fabbrica Magneti Filso.

My friends often referred to it as the swastika. Actually, since I was a kid I always felt a strange attraction for this
Nazi symbol - it was a great relief learning subsequently that it had a long history as an auspicious symbol of prosperity
(if depicted clockwise) in India and China (at bottom right: painted pottery jar with geometric design, Majiayao Culture,
Banshan type (c. 2600-2300 B.C.)



My Birth Date: 2nd February, 1943

2nd February is a numerologically interesting and unique date: the 33rd day of the year, and the 1st of its last 333 days.

Historically, 2 February, 1943 is the day when the battle for Stalingrad finally ends after the commander of the VI German Army Feldmarshal Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus surrendered on 31st January, and marks the turning point of World War II: since that day, offensive operations by the Nazi armies no longer met with significant successes, and their retreat to Berlin started with Soviet troops hot on their heels.

Special moments...and historical curiosities

A moment of modesty - A creative moment

These photos date from my first year of life in 1943, a particular historical period for Italy.

In addition to photos, in my parents' home I also found some curious documents that show how Italian people lived in wartime, among difficulties and shortages that now seem very remote and almost unbelievable.

Lake Maggiore

My destinity seems curiously tied to this lake and in particular to its city of Verbania on its western shores, a municipality comprising the boroughs of Intra, Pallanza and Suna.


Suna had been for some time a favourite summer retreat for my grandfather's family in the early 1940s, and my paternal grandmother and aunt evacuated there to a house in Via XXI Aprile when the Allied bombarments of Milan become unpleasantly frequent.

My pregnant mother went to live with her female in-laws there at the end of 1942, while my grandfather continued to live and work in Milan and my father was busy flying military transports between Sicily and Libya, TITLEhough on 17th November, 1942 he had submitted the necessary request to be allowed to marry. Due to the difficult war situation, this was belatedly granted only on 23rd January, 1943 for giorni 15+5 days, then extended for 30 days on 3rd February, 1943 after my birth. The delays had made my father also consider the opportunity of a marriage by proxy in his physical absence.

On 1st February, 1943 my mother was admitted to Intra's hospital for her impending delivery. Due to a shortage of beds in the maternity ward, she was accomodated in the hospital library - which probably explains my passion for books - and at 4:30 AM on the following morning she gave birth to me.

Their marriage had been finally celebrated on 29th January, 1943 and its lateness created for years embarassments on its anniversaries, when the stated years oddly coincided with my age and were hastily corrected by 1+, until much later when the real reason was finally explained to me .

I spent the following years there, until in 1947 my family returned to a still partly ruined but finally peaceful Milan.

Paddle-wheel steamer "Italia" cruising off Suna


In 1964 I got engaged to a girl in Milan, but a year later the company of my girl's father moved to Intra, therefore in the following 5 years I commuted there every Friday night in my FIAT 500, returning to Milan late on Sunday nights. I also spent a couple of summer vacations there.


In 1969 we finally got married, in a small church in Intra.

My new wife and I after our wedding ceremony,
my father in the background at far right with his sister in a white hat


I was born, engaged and married in that fateful locality, it would necessarily follow that I should die there to complete the circle.

I have prudently severed my ties with that locality, and why I survived the floatplane crash related elsewhere was probably due to its occurring on the wrong lake .

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