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Great Grandmother Elisaveta

Great grandmother Elisaveta Dimitrievna Deshayes, at right with daughters Elisaveta (called Lila, standing at left) and Evgenia (my grandmother, at right), the progeny of her marriage to Leonid Pavlovic Alexeieff, my great grandfather.

The name Deshayes shows the French origin of her family, probably Huguenots fleeing from France in the XVIII century to avoid persecution from Richelieu and Louis XIV, who were actually more interested in confiscating their properties to replenish the state coffers, exhausted by the construction of the Versailles palace, than in religious matters, an old chicanery already used successfully by Isabel and Ferdinand (Spain, XVI century, on Arabs and Jews) and later by Hitler (Germany, XX century, on Jews again).


78 y.o. Elisaveta observes her only grandchild - The Alexeieff residence at Voronezh, in the Imperial Bank palace.