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Coro BAN

In February, 1998 I was invited to join an amateur choir, newly constitued at the G. Majno junior high school in Milan and consisting mainly of teachers and parents of pupils, for an initial total of about 40 choristers - later to settle down to 14-16.

A number of difficulties caused the choir to dissolve after a couple of years, but was then resurrected on the initiative of a dozen previous choristers and incorporated in 2001 as a Cultural Society - which I presided for 10 years - under the name of Coro Ban, the latter an ancient Armenian word meaning primeval sound.

Augusto Merlo

Our choir was conducted by M° Augusto Merlo until June, 2008 (see its website), then by M° Luca Colombo, who changed our repertoire to mostly Renaissance music.

Luca Colombo


Concert at the church of Sant'Eugenio, Milan - June, 2009



Concert at the church of San Cristoforo, Milan - December, 2006 - Concert at the church of the Incoronata, Milan - November, 2005
Concert at the Teatro della XIV, Milan - November, 2005 - Concert at the G. Verdi retirement home for musicians, Milan - November 2009

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