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My Books

Reading has always been - and still is - a favourite pastime of mine.

Over these many years I have accumulated a rather substantial library of books on miscellaneous subjects of interest, at times when they were the only source of information available - before the Internet made its appearance - although I must say that I still like the look, feel and smell of traditional paper support.

The book-case in my living room was already full to overflowing in 1970 and soon became insufficient to hold the ever-growing number of my books - even after arranging them in multiple rows - so I had to start storing them in every empty nook and cranny I could find in my apartment and its cellar, as well as an old, undiscarded refrigerator on my balcony .

My traditional book-case in 1970 (still with a B/W TV)...new, functional shelf-space added to my living room in 1998...and my outdoor fridge library

Lists of all the books I own appear on 32 separate topic pages - subdivided by author, subject and/or period where convenient - from 19 main groups, and are viewable by clicking the blue numbers below:

Main Subject/AreaSubjectTypeNumberLanguage
Languages and Language-Related SubjectsBooks
SportsFlying, Sailing, Diving,
Horse Riding, Golf, Judo
Books, Novels
Geography and TravelBooks
Phylosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology
Politics, Economy
Religion and Related Subjects65
Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Medicine, Para-Medicine
Astronomy, Astrology
Information Technology
LiteratureAncient and Modern, Criticism
Antique BooksVarious
Miscellaneous BooksVarious
HistoryArchaeology, History
Air Forces
Land Armies, Paratroopers1
Secret Operations, Spying
Reference Books
FictionHistorical and Modern FictionNovels
Air Forces
Land Armies, Paratroopers
Sailing Ships
Secret Operations, Spying
Medicine, Forensics, Legal, Crime
Science Fiction

This catalogue is regularly updated as new books are acquired .

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