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An old interest of mine, which I had to resurrect recently since I was commissioned to write a guide in Italian on astrology on the Web (Astrologia On Line).

My interest started in the early 1970s when I developed my own program to calculate and print birth horoscopes, using the tools then available, an IBM System/3 and RPG II as programming language. Below is an example of the 1st page in tabular form it produced - no graphics yet available, then:

I reached the apex of my astrological activities in 1980, when I prepared descriptions of sun signs for a set of "Minerva" match books produced by the Saffa company, Italy's major match producer. The sample below for Sagittarius is the only survivor in my possession::


Later on, I also developed my own program, first in Basic then in C, to calculate planet positions (Geocentric Ephemerides), which however failed to produce sufficiently reliable results: errors of 5° for external planets, probably attributable to the orbital equation that I used, based on average planet angular speed and therefore faltering with planets at perihelium and aphelium.

For those interested in the subject, here is my birth chart:

Born on 2nd February, 1943 at 4:20 AM - Aquarius with Sagittarius ascendant.

On the whole, I found astrological intepretations sufficiently adequate (+60% of the time) in birth charts, but rarely so in forecasts.

I had also developed a program to calculate the latter, and a fail-proof test consisted in running it for my past rather than my future - significant periods of my life did not yield the equally significant interpretations that could be expected.

An interesting statistic on the number and lifespan of classical music composers, based on their sun signs, is show on another page.

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