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My Vehicles

A panorama of the various vehicles I acquired over 50 and more years.


1958-9: LEGNANO Mod. 42

1978 to date: UMBERTO DEI Imperiale


1959-63: Scooter PIAGGIO Vespa 125 (MI-314816)

4th November, 1959
at 00:15PM:

On a major street while carrying home a friend, we crashed into the side of a car exiting a minor street and failing to observe its STOP sign.

Result for me: 2 broken metatarsal bones in my right foot, 17 days in hospital, and 1 month in a knee-length plaster cast .

My heavier friend was more 'cushioned' in his fall and therefore released the following day with just bruises.

Newspaper clip reporting my accident.
Title: Youngsters on a scooter crash against an "1100".


In 1960 my father decided to become my driving instructor using his FIAT 1100 TV (Turismo Veloce: fast tourism) - reddish purple/black with 'American-style' minifins - also to save on the costs of a regular driving school : a stressful experience for both of us but eventually rewarding because I passed my exam and obtained my eagerly desired driving license.

Being assigned a company car, he let me use his 1100 until an evening in 1964 when, coming out of a cinema, I found it had been hit by a drunken motorist along with 8 other parked cars. Father pocketed the insurance refund and had it demolished while I, by then regularly employed, could afford to buy my first FIAT 500 - paying it in 24 monthly installments.

1960-64: FIAT 1100 TV (scale model)

1964-67: FIAT 500 (MI-963549)

1967-70: FIAT 500 (MI-D97153)

1972-8: FIAT 128 (MI-N91665)

1978-9: BMW 1500 ()

1979-83: LANCIA Fulvia Coupé (MI-Z05972)

Sergio Monti, since 1979 my trusted mechanic and Lancia dealer

1984-6 LANCIA Beta 2000 HPE (MI-62003E)

1987-9: LANCIA Gamma Coupé 2500 (MI-50932D)

1989-91: LANCIA Beta Coupé (MI-Y50021)

1991-3: LANCIA Prisma (MI-48415W)

1994-8: LANCIA Prisma (MI-6U2832)

A Pensioner's Cars

Upon retiring, I asked myself: "Why should I keep buying 4-seat cars, when I usually need just 2 seats at most?". I therefore decided to shift to 2-seat roadsters:

1998-2009: FIAT Barchetta (AN-708-RC),
May 2007: my US friend Philip Cunningham as passenger,
in the parking lot of Vecchia Trattoria at Vizzola Ticino

2009 to date: MAZDA MX-5 (BT-869-XX)
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