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My Books on Flying, Sailing, Scuba Diving

Many of the following books are textbooks from the various courses I took.

No. Author Title Year
Wolfgang LangewiescheStick and Rudder1944
Jeppesen SandersonManuale di volo Jeppesen1973-4-5-8-82
CR - Professional Computer Manual1981
Richard BachA Gift of Wings1974
Neil WilliamsAerobatics1975
Martin CassThe VOR and ADF - Second Edition Including DME1977
Brian MoynahanAirport International1978
Fulvio Frignocca, Nunzio Di DioIl tempo in volo1980
Antonio RuscioRegole e procedure IFR per il volo strumentale1981
Procedure radiotelefoniche di volo1982
Regole del volo1982
Malcolm MacPhersonThe Black Box1984
Edo VincentiManuale del radiotelefonista aeronautico1984
Giovanni BernucciA spasso per i cieli(N/A)
Rizzardo TrebbiTeoria del volo -Manuale per piloti di 1° e 2° grado(N/A)
L'IFR per i piloti dell'aviazione generale - Volume primo
L'IFR per i piloti dell'aviazione generale - Volume secondo
Richard Bach (1936)Jonathan Livingston Seagull1970
Stranger to the Ground1963
A Gift of Wings1974
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah1977
Basil JacksonFlameout1976

No. Author Title Year
Richard HendersonIl manusale del velista1965
Moulton H. FarnhamPrima vela1967
George Goldsmith-CarterVele e velieri1969
Marcelin HoubartLa vela in 10 lezioni1972
Centre Nautique des GlénansNuovo corso di navigazione dei Glénans1972

My fictional books on Sailing Ships are listed on another page.

No. Author Title Year
G. Rigamonti, G. GallinaSub si diventa(N/A)
Duilio MarcanteManuale federale di immersione1973
Gary KinderShip of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea1998

No. Author Title Subject Year
Gianluigi Nomis di CossillaGente di cavalliHorses and horse riding1962
Equitazione superioreShow riding1967
Enrico CantiAndare a cavalloHorse riding1966
Max DavidGli italiani a cavalloItalian horse stories1967
Domenico SusannaIl rettangoloPreparation to dressage1967

No. Author Title Year
Tommy ArmourHow To Play Your Best Golf1953
Don HeroldLove That Golf1953
Tom ScottGolf with the Experts1959
Julius BorosHow To Win At Weekend Golf1965

No. Author Title Year
Claude St. DeniseThe Power of Aikido1960
Combat Judo Made Easy1969

For a total of books,  on loan  to a former friend (Owen Eyobobo from Nigeria), in Italian.

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