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My books on Religion & Related Subjects

No. Author Title Subject Year
Bertrand RussellPerché non sono CristianoReasons of a free thinker1927
D.T. SuzukiLiving by ZenZen Buddhism1950
Christmas HumphreysZen1965
Roshi Philip KapleauThe Three Pillars of Zen1965
Lama Anagarika GovindaFoundations of Tibetan MysticismTibetan Buddhism1960
Creative Meditation and
Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
John BlofeldBeyond The GodsBuddhist and Taoist Mysticism1974
Jolan ChangThe Tao of Love and SexThe ancient Chinese Taoist way to ecstasy1977
E.A. Wallis BudgeThe MummyFunereal rites & customs In Ancient Egypt1893
Piergiorgio OdifreddiIl matematico impertinenteEssays on religion, politics, philosophy, etc.2005
Perché non possiamo essere cristianiThe contradictions of Catholic doctrine2007
Richard DawkinsThe God DelusionA case for atheism2006
C. Augias, V. MancusoDisputa su Dio e dintorniDebates between an atheist and a believer2009

No. Author Title Subject Year
E.A. Wallis BudgeThe Egyptian Book Of The DeadFunereal formulas In Ancient Egypt1500 BC
Ved VyasaBhagavad GitaPart of the Hindu epic MahabharataVth-IInd century BC
The Song Celestial - Bhagavad Gita
Prophet MuhammadIl CoranoTranslated by Gabriele Mandel632
VariousHoly BibleAuthorised King James's version1611

No. Author Title Subject Year
Gerald S. HawkinsStonehenge DecodedBuilding skills of Neo-lithic people1965
Lyall WatsonSupernatureA natural history of the Supernatural1973
Gifts of Unknown ThingsInvestigations in Indonesia1976
Nicholas M. RegusFrontiers of HealingNew dimensions in Parapsychology1974
Peter Tompkins, Christopher BirdThe Secret Life of PlantsExperiments in communications with plant life1974
Paul HawkenThe Magic of Findhorn1974
F.L. OscottAmigdar, il segreto della SfingePalmistry1975
Adam SmithPowers iof MindEST, Zen, LSD, Biofeedback, Rolfism, Sufism, TM, etc.1975
Martin EbonMysterious Pyramid PowerInvestigation on pyramid effects1976
Stephen JenkinsThe Undiscovered CountryLey lines1977
Stan GoochThe ParanormalInvestigation on the Paranormal1978
Tom GravesNeedles of StoneDowsing megalyths, ley-lines, barrows, etc.1978

No. Author Title Subject Year
Ernest WoodYogaMeditation1959
James HewittYogaMeditation1960
Yoga and DestinyMeditation1966
Carlo PatrianYogaMeditation1972
Denise Denniston, Peter McWilliamsThe TM BookTranscendental Meditation1975
Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaLa perfezione dello YogaMeditation1982

No. Author Title Subject Year
Paramahansa YoganandaAutobiography of a YogiLife of a Yogi1950
Richard WilhelmThe Secret of the Golden FlowerAncient Chinese text1957
G.I. GurdjieffBeelzebub's Tales to His Grandson - First BookImpartial criticism of the life of Man1950
Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson - Second Book1950
Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson - Third Book1950
Meetings with Remarkable MenTravels in Central Asia1963
Paul TwitchellIn My Soul I Am FreeLife of a Yogi1968
Eckankar: The Key to Secret Worlds1969
Arthur OsborneRamana Maharshi and the Path of Self-Knowledge1970
Lobsang RampaTwilightSpiritual teachings1975
Shirley MacLaineDon't Fall Off the MountainMeditation1970
Out On A Limb1983
Dancing In The Light1985
Dough BoydSwamiStudy of Indian swamis1976
Bubba Free JohnThe Paradox of InstructionDivine enlightenment1977
Harish JohariLeela - Game of KnowledgeGame of enlightenment1977
Michael J. EastcottThe Story of the SelfSelf-enlightenment1979
Michael BrownThe Weaver and the AbbeyPeru, the Brotherhood of the 7 Rays1982

No. Author Title Subject Year
Sybil LeekReincarnation: the Second ChanceMemories of past lives1974
Raymonda Moody, Jr.Life After LifeNDE1975
Mark Tatz, Jody KentThe Tibetan Game of LiberationReincarnation1976
Betty MalzMy Glympse of EternityNDE1977
Helen WambachLife Before LifeMemories of Past Lives1979
Ian WilsonReincarnation?Investigation of Claims1981
Dannion BeinkleySaved by the LightNDE1994

No. Author Title Subject Year
Richard de MilleCastaneda's JourneyMexican witchcraft1976
Carlos CastanedaThe Second Ring of Power1977
The Eagle's Gift1981
The Fire from Within1984
The Power of Silence1988
Brian BatesThe Way of WyrdShamanism1983

No. Author Title Subject Year
Aleister CrowleyDiary of a Drug FiendSeances1922
John BlofeldI Ching - Il libro della mutazioneDivination1965
Alfred DouglasThe TarotDivination1972
Allen Spragget, William V. RauscherArthur Ford: The Man Who Talked with the DeadSeances1973
Giorgio di SimoneRapporto dalla dimensione XSeances1973
Mir BashirSaper leggere la manoPalmistry1973
George AndersonWe Don't DieSeances1978
Victoria StevensonLove After DeathSeances1980

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