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My Historical Books on the Navies of Various Countries

Abbreviations used in the table below:

  • ATS: Attack Transport Service (USN)
  • CMN: Canadian Merchant Navy
  • IJN: Imperial Japanese Navy
  • KM, Km: Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy, WWI), Kriegsmarine (German Navy, WWII)
  • PN: Polish Navy (Marynarka Wojenna)
  • RIN: Royal Italian Navy
  • RN, RNVR, MTBs: Royal Navy, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (Great Britain), Motor Torpedo Boats
  • RNoN: Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret, Den Kongelige Norske Marine)
  • USN, USCG, USMC, PT: United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, United States Marine Corps, Patrol Torpedoboats

No. Service Branch Main Subject Main Location Author Title Year
Crimea to Vietnam
VariousSeveralGunboatsVariousBryan PerrettGunboats!2000
World War I
Auxiliary cruisers
Surface raider SeeadlerVariousFelix von LucknerIl pirata della guerra mondiale1929
CruisersSurvivors of sunk SMS KönigsbergEast AfricaEdwin P. HoytThe Germans Who Never Lost1968
Home FleetFleet actionNorth SeaDonald MacIntyreJutland1957
Sinking German/Turkish shipsSea of MarmaraP. Shankland,
A. Hunter
Dardanelles Patrol1965
Pre-World War II
Rescuing the crew
of sunken USS Squalus
Gulf of Maine,
Peter MaasThe Terrible Hours1999
World War II
Fleet actionPacificM. Fuchida,
M. Okumya
Auxiliary cruisers
Surface raidersIndian OceanJ.H. BrenneckeGhost Cruiser HK33 (Pinguin)1954
VariousW. Frank, B. RoggeThe German Raider Atlantis1956
Edwin P. HoytRaider 161970
Arctic OceanFritz-Otto BuschThe Sinking of the Scharnhorst1956
Atlantic OceanB. von Mullenheim-RechbergBattleship Bismark1956
Sinking Allied shipsVariousHarald BuschU-boats at War1955
Jochen BrenneckeThe Hunters and the Hunted1956
AutobiographyPeter CremerU 333 The Story of a U-boat Ace1986
Escape of submarine OrzelBaltic SeaMichael GuntonA Fight to the Death2009
RNoNFishing trawlersNorway 'ferry' serviceOrkneys, North SeaDavid HowarthThe Shetland Bus1998
RN, USN, KmSeveralFighting U-boatsNorth AtlanticAndrew WilliamsThe Battle of the Atlantic2003

Battle CruisersFleet actionErnle BradfordThe Mighty Hood1959

Convoy escortFrederick J. WalkerEscort Commander1956
MediterrraneanP. Snakland,
A. Hunter
Malta Convoy1963
Barents SeaPeter GrettonConvoy Escort Commander1964
Ian CampbellThe Kola Run1958
Jack BroomeConvoy Is To Scatter1972
Naval signalsVariousMake Another Signal1973
Torpedo BoatsBryan CooperThe Battle of the Torpedo Boats1970
Sinking Axis shipsEdward YoungOne of Our Submarines1952
English ChannelPeter DickensNight Action1974
PacificAlastair MarsH.M.S. Thule Intercepts1956
MediterraneanBen BryantSubmarine Commander1958
VariousJohn ParkerThe Silent Service2001
VariousP.K. KempH.M. Destroyers1956
AutobiographyRoger HillDestroyer Captain1975
Royal MarinesCommando raidBordeaux, FranceC.E. Lucas PhillipsCockleshell Heroes1956
Auxiliary SloopsSpecial operationsMediterraneanMarcel JullianH.M.S. Fidelity1957
Alexandria FleetFleet action against RINS.W.C. PackThe Battle of Matapan1961
Home FleetFleet actionNorth SeaJohn WintonThe Sinking of the Scharnhorst1983
SeveralSailor POWVariousDennis HolmanThe Man They Could Not Kill1960
RN, RAFSeveralSinking the TirpitzLéonce PeillardAffondate la Tirpitz!1957
RN, RINDiversUnderwater operationsT.J. Waldron,
J. Gleeson
The Frogmen1957
US Army
SeveralIJN surprise attackPacificR.S. La Forte,
R.E. Marcello
Pearl Harbor


Carrier GroupCapture of U-boat U-505AtlanticDaniel V. GalleryClear the Decks1945

Naval OperationsPacificE.E. Potter,
Chester Nimitz
The Great Sea War1960
VariousS.E. SmithThe USN In World War II1966
Fighting U-boatsUS East CoastHomer H. HickamTorpedo Junction1989

Guadalcanal campaignPacificT. Grady GallantOn Valor's Side1963
Defence of Wake IslandDuane SchulzWake Island1978
Okinawa, Peleliu campaignsE.B. SledgeWith the Old Breed1981
Okinawa campaignGerald AstorOperation Iceberg1995
Dan MarshOnce a Raider...2011
ATSCarrying troops ashoreKenneth DodsonAway All Boats1954
DestroyersSinking Japanese shipsC.R. CalhounTin Can Sailor1993

AutobiographyEdward L. BeachSubmarine!1946
J.J. GalantinTake Her Deep!1987
A. WhitehouseSubs and Submariners1963
Clay Blair Jr.Silent Victory1975
R.H. O'KaneClear the Bridge!1977
E.B. FluckeyThunder Below!1992
William J. RuheWar In The Boats1994
William TuohyThe Bravest Man2001
Don KeithFinal Patrol2006
War Beneath the Waves2010
Peter SasgenHellcats2010
Torpedo BoatsWar biography of J.F. KennedyR.J. DonovanPT 1092010
MinesweepersMinesweepingVariousArnold LottMost Dangerous Sea2010
Cold War

Eavesdropping operationsBarents SeaS. Sontag, C. DrewBlind Man's Bluff1998
USN vs. Soviet subsNorth AtlanticPeter SasgenStalking the Red Bear2009
Multiple Periods

SubmarinesHistory of R.N. submarinesP.K. KempH.M. Submarines1952
SeveralBritish naval loreA.B. CampbellCustoms and Traditions
of the Royal Navy
SBS  History of the Special Boat SquadronJames D. LaddSBS - The Invisible Raiders2007
CMNOcean salvage tugAutobiography of a sailor of S.S. Foundation Franklin, formerly RN HMS Frisky (launched: 1919)Farley MowatGreat Seas Under1958
RN, USNSubmarinesSubmarine warfare in the AtlanticDavid D. LewisThe Fight for the Sea1961

For a total of books on naval subjects (fictional books on the same subject are on another page).

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