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My Books on Information Technology

No. Author Title Year
William RodgersTHINK: The Amazing Story of IBM1971
OlivettiWhy The Personal Computer1985
Eamon Murphy, Steve Hayes, Matthews EndersTCP/IP - Tutotial and Technical Overview1989
Anthony Ralston, Edwin D. ReillyEncyclopedia of Computer Science1993
George Mc DanielIBM Dictionary of Computing1993
Gary Wright, W. Richard StevensTCP/IP Illustrated - Vol. 1 - The Protocols1994
TCP/IP Illustrated - Vol. 2 - The Implementation
TCP/IP Illustrated - Vol. 3 - TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP
SeveralInside TCP/IP1995
Tim ParkerTeach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days1996
Nathan J. MullerThe Webmaster's Guide to HTML1996
Tiziano DaniottiHTML 41998
R. Allan Wycke et al.JavaScript Unleashed2000
Roberto MassoliJavaScript2000
W. Choy, A. Kent, C. Lea, G. Prasad, C. UllmanBeginning PHP42000
Byron S. GottfriedVisual Basic2001
For a total of books.