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My Fictional Books

My fictional books are in separate lists below depending on the period covered: Historical Fiction before and Modern Fiction from the XXth century.

These lists do not include books already classified as Fiction in other pages, such as those on Military and Para-military subjects.

No. Author Photo Title Subject/Location/Period Year
Talbot Mundy (1879-1940)TrosStruggle against Caesar, 1st century BC1925
Kenneth Roberts (1885-1957)The Lively LadyAmerican revolution
and war of independence
Rabble in Arms1933-47
Oliver Wiswell1940
Boon Island1956
Russel Thorndike (1885-1972)The Courageous Exploits of Doctor SynSmugglers, England, late 1700s1939
Taylor Caldwell (1900-1985)The Earth is the Lord'sGenghis Khan, 12th century1940
A Pillar of IronCicero, Rome, 1st century BC1965
Great Lion of GodSt.Paul, 1st century1970
Paul Horgan (1903-1995)A Distant TrumpetUS Cavalry in the 1880s1951-4
A.M. MaughanHarry of MonmouthHenry V, 15th century1956
Irving Stone (1903-1989)The Greek TreasureBiography of Heinrich & Sophia Schliemann1976
The OriginBiography of Charles Darwin1980
James A. Michener (1907-1997)Rascals in Paradise10 stories on the Pacific1957
HawaiiIsland colonisation, 4th century to present1959
CaravansAmerican woman in the Arabian desert1963
Mika Waltari (1908-1979)The RomanRome, 1st century AD, rise of Christianity1966
M.M. Kaye (1908-2004)Shadow of the MoonIndia, 1840s 1956
The Far PavilionsIndia, 1840s 1978
Nicholas Monsarrat (1910-1979)The Master Mariner - Book OneSea voyages, 1588 to 17901966
John V.D. SouthworthThe Pirate from RomeThe Pirate Brotherhood, 1st century BC1965
Richard G. Hubler (1912-81)The Soldier and the SagePalestine, 1st century AD1965
Jay Williams (1914-1978)Tomorrows's Fire3rd crusade, Palestine1964
Graham ShelbyThe Knights of Dark RenownKingdom of Jerusalem, 12th century1969
James Clavell (1921-1994)Tai-PanHong Kong, XIXth century1966
Noble HouseHong Kong, 19631981
Frank Yerby (1916-1991)Jarret's JadeScottish Highlands1959
Franklin Proud (1920)The TartarChina, 12th century1980
Malachi Martin (1921-1999)King of KingsKing David, XIth-Xth century BC1980
Normal Mailer (1923-2007)Ancient EveningsAncient Egypt1983
Shusaku Endo (1923-1996)SilenceMissionaries to 17th century Japan1976
Gore Vidal (1925-2012)JulianRome, 4th century, restoration of old gods1962
Ruth Beebe Hill (1927-2010)Hanta YoTeton Sioux, USA 1790s-1830s1979
Len Deighton (1929)SS-GBNazi invasion of England1978
John Arden (1930-2012)Silence among the WeaponsRoman Asia Minor, 1st century BC1982
Edward Gross (1938-?)Warrior of the SunSpaniard becomes Mayan lord, 1500s1980
Colin de SilvaThe Winds of SinhalaCeylon, 2nd century BC1982
Thomas Hoover (1941)The MoghulIndia, XVIIth century1983
Nicholas GouldThe AssyrianAssyria, conquest of Babylonia1987
Ken Follett (1949)The Pillars of the EarthCathedrals, England, XIIth century1989
Steven Saylor (1956)Catilina's RiddleCatilina's conspiracy, Rome, 65-63 BC1993
Robert CarterCourageFrance, 17901995
Colleen McCullough (1937-2015)The First Man in RomeRoman history, 1st century BC1990
The Grass Crown1991
Caesar's Women1996
Caesar: Let the Dice Fly1998
The October Horse2002
Antony and Cleopatra2007
The Song of TroyTrojan war1998
Morgan's RunColonisation of Australia with transportees2000
Edward Rutherfurd (1948)SarumCathedrals, England, Ice Age to present1987
Russka: The Novel of RussiaRussia, Stone Age to URSS1991
LondonLondon, Stone Age to present1997
DublinIreland, Stone Age to present2005
Ireland AwakeningIreland, XVIIth century2006
David Gemmel (1948-2006)Troy - Shield of ThunderTrojan war2006
C.J. Sansom (1952)SovereignTudor England2006

No. Author Photo Title Year
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)Island1976
Nevil Shute (1899-1960)Marazan1926
So Disdained1928
Lonely Road1932
Ruined City1938
What Happened to the Corbetts1939
An Old Captivity1940
Most Secret1945
The Chequer Board1947
No Highway1948
The Legacy1950
Round the Bend1951
The Far Country1952
In the Wet1953
On the Beach1957
Trustee from the Toolroom1960
Eric Linklater (1899-1974)A Terrible Freedom1966
Dariel Telfer (1905-1987)The Care-Takers1959
Antony Trew (1906–1996)The Antonov Project1979
Sea Fever1980
John Winthrope Hackett (1910-1997)The Untold Story1982
Hammond Innes (1913-1998)Wreckers Must Breathe, The White South,
The Mary Deare, Atlantic Fury, The Strode Venturer
The Blue Ice1948
Levkas Man1971
Golden Soak1973
North Star1974
The Black Tide1982
Chapman Pincher (1914-2014)The Eye of the Tornado1976
Herman Wouk (1915)The Winds of War1971
War and Remembrance1978
Jon Cleary (1917-2010)High Road to China1977
David Graham (1919-1994)Down To a Sunless Sea1979
Geoffrey Jenkins (1920-2001)The Watering Place of Good Peace1960
Arthur Hailey (1920-2004)Airport, Hotels, Wheels1965-8-71
Frank Herbert (1920-1986)Dune1965
The White Plague1982
Chapterhouse: Dune1985
Ernest K. Gann (1920-1991)Brain 20001980
Gentlemen of Adventure1983
Basil Jackson (1920)The Big Spill1974
Adam Hall (1920-1995)The Tango Briefing1973
Lawrence Sanders (1920-1998)The Tangent Factor1973
Alistair MacLean (1922-1987)River of Death1981
Hank Searls (1922)The Big X1959
The Crowded Sky1960
Desmond Bagley (1923-1983)The Golden Keel, Running Blind1963, 1970
Night of Error1984
Charles MacHardy (1926-1996)Blow-Down1978
Martin Caidin (1927)Aquarius Mission1978
James Goldman (1927-1998)The Man from Greek and Roman1974
Web Griffin (1929)Men in Blue1988
The Corps - Counterattack1996
The Soldier Spies1996
In Danger's Path1998
Special Ops2001
Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson, 1929)Thunder Point1993
David Hackworth (1930-2005)The Price of Honour1999
Clive Cussler (1931)Iceberg1975
Night Probe!1982
Pacific Vortex!1983
Inca Gold1994
The Sea Hunters1996
Shock Wave1996
Flood Tide1997
Atlantis Found1999
The Sea Hunters II2002
Trojan Odyssey2003
Treasure of Khan2006
Wilbur Smith (1933)When the Lion Feeds1964
The Sunbird1972
Men of Men1981
Stephen Vizinczey (1933)An Innocent Millionaire1983
John Clive (1933)The Last Liberator1980
Brian Callison (1934)A Flock of Ships1970
The Dawn Attack1972
Richard Bach (1936)The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story1984
William Prochnau (1937)Trinity's Child1983
Frederick Forsyth (1938)The Dogs of War1974
Joe Poyer (1939)North Cape1969
Craig Thomas (1942– 2011)Firefox1977
Snow Falcon1979
Emerald Decision1980
Sea Leopard1981
Firefox Down1983
The Bear's Tears1985
P.T. Deutermann (1941)Scorpion in the Sea1992
Anthony Fox (1943)Threat Warning Red1979
Peter Straub (1943)Shadow Land1980
John Templeton Smith (1943)White Lie2003
Nigel Slater (1944)Falcon1979
Franklin Allen Leib (1944)Fire Arrow1988
Dean Koontz (1945)Icebound1995
Jack Adrian (1945)Death Lands1987
Stephen Coonts (1946)Flight of the Intruder1986
Final Flight1988
Under Siege1990
The Intruders1995
Fortunes of War1998
Deep Black2003
James Webb (1946)A Country Such As This1952
Something To Die For1991
Tom Clancy (1947-2013)The Hunt For Red October1984
Red Storm Rising1986
The Cardinal of the Kremlin1987
Patriot Games1987
The Sum of All Fears1991
Debt of Honour1994
Op-Centre Mirror Image1995
The Bear and the Dragon2000
Valhalla Rising2001
Bart Davis (1950)Raise the Red Dawn1991
Ralph Peters (1952)Flames of Heaven1993
Robert R. McCammon (1952)Night Boat1980
Harold Coyle (1952)Bright Star1984
Team Yankee1987
Code of Honour1994
Look Away1995
James Cobb (1953)Seafighter1999
Richard Herman Jr. (1954-2014)Dark Wing1994
The Last Phoenix2002
Dale Brown (1956)Flight of he Old Dog1987
Silver Towers1988
Day of the Cheetah1989
Sky Masters1991
Storming Heaven1994
Shadows of Steel1996
Fatal Terrain1997
Battle Born1999
Warrior Class2001
Dreamland - Nerve Centre2002
Razor's Edge2003
Eric L. Harry (1958)Arc Light1994
Andy McNab (1959)Firewall2000
Chris Ryan (1961)Tenth Man Down1999
Gordon Kent (1962)Night Trap1998
Oliver MoxonFly and Be Damned1959
W.J. LedererSarkhan1965
Norman LewisThe German Company1979
Richard CoxThe KGB Directive1981
Steven L. ThompsonCountdown To China1982
John SmithSkytrap1983
William ClarkCataclysm1984
Stirling SilliphantBronze Bell1985
Duane UnkeferGrey Eagles1986
Mitchell Sam RossiTruk Lagoon1988
Dick CouchSilent Descent1993
Douglas SavageIncident in Mona Passage1994
James ThayerWhite Star1995
Dave HirschmanHijacked1997
Mike Lunnon WoodLong Reach1999
Patrick RobinsonH.M.S. Unseen1999
Christopher WhitcombCold Zero2001
James BarringtonPandemic2005

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