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My books on Chemistry, Physics and Medicine/Para-Medicine

No. Author Title Year
Guido BargelliniLezioni di chimica organica1961

No. Author Title Year
Bertrand RussellL'ABC della relatività1925
Fritjof CapraThe Tao of Physics1975
Science, Society and the Rising Culture1982
Gary ZukavThe Dancing Wu Li Masters1979
John D. BarrowTheories of Everything1991
No. Author Title Year
E. ArtiniI minerali1941
No. Author Title Year
VatsyayanaKama Sutra - Codice d'amore indiano400 BC
Aldous HuxleyThe Art of Seeing1943
Charles SingerA Short History of Anatomy & Physiology1957
Aubrey T. WestlakeThe Pattern of Health1961
James D. WatsonThe Double Helix1968
Jacques de LangreL'arte del Do-In (Automassage)1971
Steven F. BrenaYoga and Medicine1972
A.R. LurijaUna memoria prodigiosa1972
Lucille LeongAcupuncture: a Layman's View1974
Irving HoyleThe Healing Mind1975
Wayne W. DyerYour Erroneous Zones1976
Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, John D. PerryThe G Spot1982
Richard PrestonThe Hot Zone1984

For a total of books.

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