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My Books of Cartoons

No. Author Photo Title Year (s)
Heath Robinson (1872-1944)The Penguin Heath Robinson1966
Walt Kelly (1913-1973)Pogo1949-50-1
The Pogo Sunday Parade1953-4-8
Potluck Pogo1954-5
The Pogo Sunday Brunch1955-6-7-9
Deck Us All with Boston Charlies1955-61-2-3
G.O. Fizzickle Pogo1957-8
Pogo à la Sundae1957-8-60-1
"Jes Fine" Says Pogo1959-60
Instant Pogo1959-60-1-2
Gone Pogo1961
The Jack Acid Society Black Book1961
The Return of Pogo1963-5
Equal Time for Pogo1967-8
MADThe MAD Reader1952
The Bedside MAD1952-3-4-5-6
Inside MAD1953-4-5
MAD Strikes Back!1953-4-5
The Organization MAD1956-7
Like, MAD1956-7-60
Fighting MAD1957-8-61
The Ides of MAD1957-8-61
The MAD Frontier1958-9-62
MAD in Orbit1958-9-62
We're Still Using that Greasy MAD Stuff1959-63
The Voodoo MAD1959-63
The Self-Made MAD1960
The MAD Sampler1960
Three Ring MAD1960-4
Boiling MAD1961-2-6
Raving MAD1961-6
It's A World, World, World MAD1962-3-4-5
Howling MAD1962-3-7
The Questionable MAD1962-7
A MAD Look at Old Movies1966
Albert B. FeldsteinThe Non-Violent MAD1966-72
William M. Gaines (1922-1992)
William M. Gaines' Brothers MAD1953-4-5
William M. Gaines' Son of MAD1952-3-4-5-6
William M. Gaines' Utterly MAD1952-3-4-5-6-63
Don Martin (1931-2000)Don Martin Steps Out!1962
Don Martin Bounces Back!1963
Don Martin Drops 13 Stories!1965
The MAD Advwentures of Captain Klutz1967
Dave Berg (1920-2002)MAD's Dave Berg Looks at the U.S.A.1964
Frank Jacobs (1929)The MAD World of William M. Gaines1966-72
Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000)More Peanuts1952-3-4
Good grief, More Peanuts1952-3-4-5-6
Goold Ol' Charlie Brown1955-6-7
Peanuts Revisited1955-9
You're Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown1957-8-9
Snoopy, Come Home1957-8-9-60-1
But We Love You, Charlie Brown1957-9
Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown1959-60
It's a Dog's Life, Charlie Brown1960-1-2
You Can't Win, Charlie Brown1960-1-2
You Can Do It, Charlie Brown1962-3
Sunday's Fun Day, Charlie Brown1962-3-4-5
As You Like It, Charlie Brown1963-4
You Need Help, Charlie Brown1964-5
The Unsinkable Charlie Brown1965-6
You Are You, Charlie Brown1967-8
You've Had It, Charlie Brown1969
You'Are Out of Sight, Charlie Brown1970
You've Come a Long Way, Charlie Brown1970-1
Il bracchetto é Charlie Brown1972
Jules Feiffer (1929)Sick Sick sick1956-8
Boy, Girl. Boy, Girl1959-60-1
The Explainers1960
Hold Me!1960-4
Brant Parker (1920-2007),
Johnny Hart (1931-2007)
The King is a Fink!1964-5
The Wondrous Wizard of Id1965-6
The Peasants Are Revolting!1966
Remember the Golden Rule1967
The Wizard's Back1968
The Wizard of Id - Yield1968-9
The Wizard of Id1971
I'm Off to See the Wizard1971-2
Johnny Hart (1931-2007)Hey! B.C.1958-9
Hurray for B.C.1958-9-60-61
Back to B.C.1959-60-61-62-63
B.C. Strikes Back1961-2
What's New, B.C.?1962-3
B.C. Big Wheel!1963
B.C. is Alive and Well!1964-5
L'antichissimo mondo di B.C.1965
Take a Bow, B.C.1965-6
B.C. on the Rocks1966-7
B.C. Right On1967
B.C. Cave In1967-8
B.C. One More Time1968-9
B.C. Dip in the Road1969
B.C. It's a Funny World1969-70
B.C. "Life is a 75¢ Paperback1970
Il secondo libro di B.C.1969
L'enciclopedia di B.C.1970
B.C. Great Zot I'm Beautiful1971
Eric Nicol, Peter WhalleySay, Uncle1961
VariousIncurably Sick1962
Dik Browne (1917-1989)Hägar the Horrible: "Home Sweet Home"1976
Hägar the Horrible: "The Conquering Hero"1976
Hägar the Horrible: "All at Sea"1977
Harry Hargreaves (1922-2004)The Bird1957-8-9-60-61
Strictly for the Bird1964-5-6-7
The Bird Set1968
Birds of a Feather1969
Bird for All Seasons1973
Norman Thelwell (1923-2004)The Penguin Thelwell1964-5-6-9
Parker, Rechin, WilderCrock1975-6-7
Mel CarmanThe Penguin Mel Carman1963-4-7-89
Alfredo Chiappori (1943)UP il Sovversivo1970
Vado l'Arresto e Torno1973

For a total of books.

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