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My Books on Astronomy and Astrology

No. Author Title Year
Fred HoyleFrontiers of Astronomy1955

No. Author Title Year
RaphaelThe Key and Guide to Astrology1905
Marc Edmund JonesThe Sabian Symbols in Astrology1953
Paul CoudercL'astrologia1954
Manly P. HallAstrological Keywords1958
André BarbaultTrattato pratico di astrologia1961
Paula DelsolChinese Horoscopes1969
Oroscopi arabi1971
Swami KriyanandaIl segno zodiacale come guida spirituale1971
Lisa MorpurgoIntroduzione all'astrologia1972
Il convitato di pietra1979
Maria Elise CrummereSun-Sign Revelations1974
Gilbert OakleyAstrologia e vita sessuale1974
Linda GoodmanSun Signs1968
Love Signs1978
Doris KayeSun Signs and Dreams1977
Joseph PolanskiSun Sign Success1977
Robert WorthStar Signs for LoversSuccess1978
J. Anthony, J.G. ToonderThe Case for astrology1970
Robert HandI transiti1982

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