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My Historical Books on the Land Forces of Various Countries

Abbreviations used in the table below:

  • IDF: Israel Defence Force (Tzva Hahagana LeYisra'el, Tzahal)
  • RN: Royal Navy (U.K.)
  • SOE: Special Operations Executive (U.K.)
No. Service Branch Main Subject Main Location Author Title Year
Chinese Wars
Chinese ArmiesInfantry, cavalryChinese warlordsChinaSun TzuThe Art of War500 BC
Roman Wars
Roman ArmyInfantry, cavalrySiege of MasadaPalestineErnest K. GannThe Antagonists1970
Roman generalsEuropeAdrian GoldsworthyIn the Name of Rome2003
Scottish Wars
Scottish ClansInfantryScottish BattlesScotlandJudy HamiltonScottish Battles2008
English Wars
New Model
Infantry, cavalryOliver CromwellEnglandFrank KitsonOld Ironsides2004
World War I
US ArmyInfantryUS troops join the warFranceBarrie Pitt1918 - The Last Act1962
VariousPrelude to & 1st month of warFranceB.W. TuchmanThe Guns of August1962
VariousAutobiographiesFranceDon CongdonCombat Word War I1964
Wars in India
Indian ArmyInfantryAutobiographyWaziristan, 1937John MastersBugles and a Tiger1948-50
World War II
British Army

InfantryAnzio campaignItalyRaleigh TrevelyanThe Fortress1956
Cassino campaignFred MajdalanyCassino - Portrait of a Battle1957
ParachutistsAutobiographyNorth Africa, ItalyRoy FarranWinged Dagger1948
IntrudersVladimir PeniakoffPopski's Private Army1950
SOEJugoslav guerilla warJugoslaviaLindsay RogersGuerilla Surgeon1956
SeveralAlamein campaignNorth AfricaC.E. Lucas PhilipsAlamein1962
Francis TukerApproach to Battle1963
Green BeretsCommandoesVariousRupert ButlerHand of Steel1980
TanksLand campaignsEuropeBill BellamyTroop Leader2005
Royal EngineersUnexploded bomb disposalGreat BritainJames OwenDanger UXB2010
British &
Canadian Armies
CommandosDieppe raidFranceJames LeasorGreen Beach1975
US Army

SeveralAutobiographyN. Africa, EuropeGeorge PattonWar as I Knew It1947
PacificDouglas MacArthurReminiscences1964
InfantryEuropeAudie MurphyTo Hell and Back1964
Troop air dropsNormandyS.L.A. MarshallNight Drop1962
101st Airborne Division

France, HollandLaurence CritchellFour Stars of Hell1947
EuropeDavid K. WebsterParachute Infantry2005
NormandyGeorge E. KosimakiD-Day with the Screaming Eagles1970
HollandHell's Highway1989
BelgiumBattered Bastards of Bastogne1994
Special ForcesRed Berets EuropeR.H. Adleman,
G. Walton
The Devil's Brigade1966
InfantryAutobiographyCharles B. MacDonaldCompany Commander1947
PacificMartin BoyleYanks Don't Cry (A Guam POW)1963
TanksSherman tank driverRobert C. DickCutthroats2006
US forcesSeveralHistory of war against JapanRonald H. SpectorEagle Against The Sun1985
Soviet ArmySeveralHistory of the Great Patriotic WarEuropeAlexander WerthRussia at War 1941-19451964

27th Panzer Regiment
(Penal battalion)
RussiaSven HasselThe Legion of the Damned1957
Wheels of Terror1959
March Battalion1970
Land campaignsEuropeHeinz GuderianPanzer Leader1952
G. GrossjohannFive Years, Four Fronts1999
VariousVariousBattle for BerlinEuropeCornelius RyanThe Last Battle1966
The 22 days before war outbreakDavid DowningSealing Their Fate2009
Monty, Patton and Rommel at WarN. Africa, EuropeTerry BrightonMasters of Battle2008
Israeli Wars
VariousHaganàh, IrgunWar of independence, 1945-48Israel,
AvnerMemorie di un terrorista1960
VariousThe 6-day war of 1966Leon UrisStrike Zion!1966
AutobiographyMoshe DayanStory of My Life1966
Vietnam War
US Army, USMCSeveralWar correspondenciesVietnamJim G. LucasDateline: Viet Nam1966
AutobiographiesMark BakerNam1981
Cold War
Soviet Army
SeveralStructure, mentalityVariousViktor SuvorovInside the Soviet Army1982
TanksInvasion of Hungary, 1956HungaryJames A. MichenerThe Bridge At Andau2007
Falklands War
RN, British ArmyVariousFalklands campaignFalklandsC. Dobson, J. MillerThe Falklands Conflict1982
Gulf Wars
British Army

AutobiographyIraqAndy McNabImmediate Action1995
David McMullonChinook!1998
SnipersLand campaignDan MillsSniper One2007
US ArmySeveralTom ClancyEvery Man a Tiger1999
Multiple Wars
US Army, USMCInfantryLand campaignsPacific, KoreaS.L.A. MarshallBattle at Best1964
US ArmyKorea, VietnamDavid H. Hackworth,
Julie Sherman
About Face1989

For a total of books, in Italian (fictional books on the same subject are on another page).

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