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My books on Archaeology and History

No. Author Title Subject Year
Stephen ShennanQuantifying ArchaeologyStatistics in archaeology1988
Ranulph FiennesAtlantis of the SandsThe search for the lost city of Ubar1992

No. Author Title Subject Year
Lucy HansonThe Story of the People of Britain1927
André MauroisHistoire d'Angleterre *History of England (in French)1937
Histoire d'Angleterre **
G.M. TrevelyanA Shortened History of England1942
Sacheverell SitwellBritish Architects & Craftsmen1945
Gilbert GrosvenorEveryday Life in Ancient Times1951
S.H. SteinbergCinque secoli di stampaHistory of printing1962
Daniel P. MannixHistoory of Torture1964
Zoé DenbourgCatherine the GreatBiography of Russian Empress1965
Bruce CattonNever Call a RetreatAmerican civil war1965
Robert K. MassieNicholas and AlexandraBiography of the last Russian Tsars1967
Simon WiesenthalThe Muderers Among UsHunting Nazi war criminals1967
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.A Thousand Days1965
William ManchesterThe Death of a President - November 19631967
Tarzie VittachiThe Fall of Sukarno1967
The New York TimesThe Pentagon PapersThe secret history of the Vietnam war1971
Harold CourlanderThe Fourth World of the HopisHopi oral legends and traditions1971
Hermann Kinde, Werner HilgemannThe Penguin Atlas of World History Vol. OneHistory atlas1974
The Penguin Atlas of World History Vol. Two
Thomas KiernanThe ArabsHistory, aims, challenge to the West1975
The Metropolitan Museum of ArtTreasures of TutankhamunExhibition catalogue1976
Immanuel VelikovskyRamses II and His TimeAncient Egypt in Ramses II's times1978
Silvia BüchiGli orefici a MilanoMilanese gold/silversmiths1979
Jacqueline FearnDiscovering HeraldryBritish heraldry1980
Irving StoneThe OriginBiography of Charles Darwin1980
M. Baigent, R. Leigh, H. LincolnThe Holy Blood and the Holy GrailMagdalene and Jesus's descendants1982
William ShawcrossThe Shah's Last RideThe declining years of Reza Pahlavi1988
Seymour M. HershThe Samson OptionIsrael's nuclear program1991
Michael Baigent, Richard LeighThe Dead Sea Scrolls DeceptionConflicts between Biblical scholars1991
Clive IrvingWide-BodyThe making of the Boeing 7471993
M. Wise, M. Abegg, E. CookThe Dead Sea ScrollsA new translation1996
Thomas AsbridgeThe First CrusadeA revised history2004
Gerry Kennedy, Rob ChurchillThe Voynich ManuscriptMysterious, undeciphered manuscript2004
Corrado AugiasI segreti di RomaRome's secret places and stories2005
Alberto AngelaUna giornata nell'antica RomaA typical day in Ancient Rome2007

For a total of books, in Italian, in French.

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