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My Fictional Books on the Air Forces of Various Countries

Abbreviations used in the tables below:

  • IJN: Imperial Japanese Navy
  • RAAF: Royal Australian Air Force
  • RFC, RAF: Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force (Great Britain - G.B.)
  • RIAF: Royal Italian Air Force
  • RNZAF: Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • SAAF: South African Air Force
  • USAAF, USAF, CIA: United States Army Air Force, United States Air Force, Central Intelligence Agency
No. Service Branch Main Subject Main Location Author Title Year
World War I
Air warFranceDerek RobinsonGoshawk Squadron1989
World War II


Battle of BritainG.B.Elleston TrevorSquadron Airborne1955
Arthur C. ClarkeGlide Path1963
Richard T. BickersSummer of No Surrender1976
Robert JacksonHurricane Squadron1978
Squadron Scramble1978
Desert air warNorth AfricaTarget Tobruk1979
Supporting ground troopsFranceFrederick E. Smith633 Squadron - Operation Crucible1977
Precision bombingGermany633 Squadron - Operation Valkyrie1978
FranceRichard Herman Jr.Mosquito Run1993
Bombing pro-Nazi ArabsIraqDavid WilliamsShammal1976
British-Polish conflictsG.B.Patrick RaymondThe White War1978

BombersSpecial B-25 squadronPacificMartin CaidinWhip1976

Stealing a Jap ZeroWilliam D. BlankenshipTiger Ten1976
Black Sheep SquadronMike JahnDevil in the Slot1978
P-51 pilot (1944)EuropeLen DeightonGoodbye Mickey Mouse1982
Korean War
USAFBombersBombing missionsKoreaJames A. MichenerThe Bridges at Toko-Ri1986
Vietnam War

Fighters, bombers

Air Force lifeVietnamWalter J. Boyne,
Steven L. Thompson
The Wild Blue1986
Vietnam air warRichard Herman, Jr.The Warbirds1989
Force if Eagles1990
Mark BerentPhantom Leader1989
Rolling Thunder1989
Storm Flight1993
Cold War
RAFBombersViolating US airspaceUSAAnthony GrayThe Penetrators1965

For a total of books. A list of my war movies is on another page.